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50 Great escapes

Jonathan Lee

This unique travel book takes readers on a tour of the world, as seen through the eyes of writers, photographers, filmmakers, composers, painters, sculptors, and philosophers. The author has tracked down life-changing locations-from cities and remote deserts to gardens and cafés-and recounts their transformative power over some of the world's greatest artists. Each entry features color photographs, practical travel advice, and information on exhibitions, festivals, and museums. The book also includes a global directory of twentyfirst- century hotspots, allowing budding artists to experience a creative epiphany of their own. Travellers planning a trip around an intriguing location, aspiring artists looking for a retreat, and fans keen to explore the stories behind their favourite works will find this guide an entertaining and valuable resource. The Almassera Vella is listed.

A Field Guide to the Butterflies of Britain and Europe


Covers Spain

A Field Guide to the Reptiles and Amphibians of Europe


Covers Spain

Alicante 1881-1980

Juan Luis Román de Cerro

Delightful collection of photographs of Alicante and the coast pre tourism.

Costa Blanca - 50 Walks

Gill Round

Just published in English - this is Gill Rounds splendidly researched guide to 50 superb walks in this beautiful terrain. The walks are carefully graded and well described with explanatory maps, excellent photographs and useful height profiles. We've tried a dozen or so of these walks - Gill has captured the essence of mountain walking in this province.
Book ref: ISBN 978-3-7633-4837-4


Jason Webster Doubleday 2003 – ISBN 0385603614

Purportedly about flamenco but more to do with Alicante and Madrid low-life and a fascinating read.

Fabled Shore

Rose Macauley

For the section ‘Valencian Shore’.

Fire in the Blood

Ian Gibson

A fine introduction to contemporary Spain.

Flowers of South-West Europe


For the serious botanist – essentially covers Spain and Portugal.

Flowers of the Mediterranean

Huxley & Polunin

Good general introduction to Mediterranean flowers.

Gastro Guia de la Costa Blanca

Carlos Llorca y Angeles Ruiz

Sumptious survey of the varied Levant cuisine a restaurants– a must for foodies. (In Spanish.)

Ghosts of Spain

Giles Tremlett

A highly readable survey of modern Spain which explores the lingering traces of Civil War tragedies plus a contempory update on the one of the fastest growing economies in Europe. A particulary amusing chapter on Benidorm.

Guia de los Pozos de Nieva de la Provincia de Alicante

M V Martinez & J R Gosálvez

A very thorough and beautifully presented guide to the extraordinary ancient storage chambers for snow that can be found throughout the Alicante mountains. The maps included provide excellent aids to exploratory mountain walking.

Guia Senda Verde

FEMECV collaboration

An essential walking guide showing the public footpaths clearly and with gradients , distances etc. Now very difficult to find.


James A Mitchener

The best general introduction to Spain I’ve read.

Iberian Villages

Norman F. Carver

Beautifully illustrated survey of Spanish village vernacular.

In Spain

Ted Walker

A rambly, poet’s introduction to Spain. The late Ted Walker lived in Denia, a short way up the coast from Relleu.

Inland Trips from the Costa Blanca

Derek Workman

An excellent guide to the fascinating villages and landscapes away from the Costa Blanca itself.

Landscapes of the Costa Blanca

J and C Oldfield

Excellent introduction to the excellent walking opportunities in the Marina Alta and Baja. Walks 13 and 14 are a short distance from the Almàssera.

Las Fuentes de la Memoria

Publio López Mondéjar

Superb collection of 19th century photographs of Spain.

Mountain Walks on the Costa Blanca

Bob Stansfield

The best English book to date on the tougher walks in the mountains of the Marina Baja, Alta etc. Needs to be supplemented by the 1:50.000 Carta Militars.

Parajes Mágicos

R Cebrián & F Jarque

Dramatic colour photographs of the mountains of Alicante and Valencia provinces.

Pintura Alicantina

Adrián Espí Valdés

A beautifully presented volume illustrating the relatively unknown schools of artists practising in the Alicante area in the 19th century particularly in Alcoy. The survey includes artists working up to the outbreak of the Civil War.

More in Google Books

Plantas Silvestres de la Communidad Valenciana

G Stubing & J B Peris

The best field guide I have found for the wild flowers of Valencia and Alicante province.

Relleu 'Conocer un Pueblo'

Alejandro Sendra

A local history of the village of Relleu written in Spanish with some sections in Valenciano. It was written in the 80s by a distinguished local doctor with the help of various members of the cultural association of Relleu. It traces the development of the village from the Iberian race that occupied the site of Relleu before the Romans, the Roman occupation, the Visigoth period,the Moorish and medieval periods up to the opening of the 20th century. Christopher and Marisa North and Sue Boulton are in the process of translating this volume into English.

Spanish Lessons

Derek Lambert

Story of a couple setting up in Denia – just up the coast from Relleu.
Published by Ebury Press 2001

Special Places to Stay SPAIN

Ed Jose Navarro

Alastair Sawday's Directories are fast becoming the essential guide book for travellers seeking interesting and off-beat places to stay. The Almassera is in the 'Levante' section.

Alastair Sawday's Guides (Spain)

The Spanish Woman’s Kitchen

Pepita Aris

Good section on the Levante.

Wild Spain

Frederic Grunfeld

An introduction to Spain’s superb wild life parks.