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Our residential courses and workshops in literature and creative writing of all kinds are led by such internationally respected mentors as Mimi Khalvati, Matthew Sweeney, Mark Doty and Judith Barrington. We also offer facilities for your own courses and workshops.


Poetry P F

An exciting new website featuring the work of a number of contemporary poets of established reputation. Christopher North's poetry is included and a number of other poets who have visited the Almassera at one time or another.

Judith Barrington

Judith Barrington is running a course on Writing the Memoir Starting April 8th 2006. Her best-selling book is 'Writing the Memoir: From Truth to Art¡

Tamar Yoseloff

Tamar Yoseloff is a distinguished poet and senior tutor for the London Poetry School, She has tutored courses at the Almassera in 2005 and 2008

Poetry Business, North and Smith Doorstop

Website of the'Poetry Business' in Sheffield. They are publishers of 'North' magazine and poetry collections and pamphlets through Smith Doorstop. They also organise an annual collection competition (Closing date October 31st each year)

Mark Doty's website

Website of Mark Doty the award winning poet from New York who tutored at the Almassera Vella in January 2006

Poetry Society

The leading national UK Poetry Society. The Almassera Vella is a Stanza branch.

Mimi Khalvati

Mimi Khalvati is a distinguished poet and founder of the London Poetry School. She has regularly tutored courses at the Almassera and returns there in 2009

Wordmoves - Gail Langstroth

Gail's Langstroth's Site includes her poetry, event calender, Eurthmy perfomance details, photographs and artwork.

Graham Fawcetts Web site

Graham Fawcett is a broadcaster and senior tutor at the London Poetry School, He has tutored at the Almassera and will return there in March 2009


A Website founded by writers Jocelyn and Gordon Simms in Anjou France dedicated to inspiration, support and competitions for writers.

Oversteps Books

Oversteps Books publish poetry from a wide range of poets both established and new to the scene. They include David Grubb, Caroline Carver, Ann Born and many others. Christopher North's second collection 'Explaining the Circumstances ' was published by them in 2010.

Poetry on the Lake

An annual poetry festival on beautiful Lake Orta in the Italian Lakes - this year, 2010 the tenth, running October 1st to 4th. Poets featured there in the past have included Carol Ann Duffy, Penelope Shuttle, Caroline Carver, John Hartley Williams etc.....

Kate Riley

Kate Riley is a tutor in Creative Writing from Hailey , Idaho. She is coming to tutor a course on 'Writing that Memoir' at the Almassera March 23rd 2013

Linda Cracknell

Linda Cracknell, novelist and travel writer about the Wild Places of the World has been on retreat at the Almàssera Vella on a number of occasions, particularly when researching and writing about the fascinating Mozarabic trails of the Marina Baja and Marina Alta mountains.

Ellen Waterston's Webpage

Links to the Writer's Ranch and to details of Ellen Waterston's publications.

Ellen is tutoring at the Almassera Vella November 19th - 26th 2013