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How Are You?

Lynne Rees


After twelve anonymous days
someone walks into the supermercado and says

my name and my heart
ignites with something that feels like heat, light.

No matter that the rain is pushing its cold smoke
down the mountains,

that I can smell it coming,
the damp night air sticking to my skin.

What more is there? My place in the world
confirmed, still hearing it in the street –

Lynne. ¿Que tal? Like a blessing. And I’m fine.
I am so fine.



This poem was a prizewinner in the 'Poetry on the Lake' festival at Lake Orta , Italy in 2005. Lynne Rees is a poet and novelist. Published work includes 'The Oven House' – ISBN 1-904781-33-0)and her poetry collection 'Learning How to Fall' ISBN 1-902638-60-3) She runs Creative Writing Classes at her home in Kent www.lynnerees.co.uk. Lynne came to the Almassera on writing retreat in 2004.


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