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Stone (For Sandra)

Matthew Sweeney


The stone angel is yawning,
the stone angel is blowing kisses.
I want to throw an orange.
I want to throw all the oranges
at you, sitting in the leather chair,
at you sitting curled up on the sofa.
The cat is drinking from the pool,
the cat is going into the pool.
I will fling it in myself.
I will fling myself in after it.
The rooster won’t stop crowing.
The rooster won’t chase a hen.
The stone angel knows all this.
The stone angel sits up high.
I want to be made of stone.
I want to shout slogans
at you, about Antarctic cruises,
at you, about English red wine.
The cat is stealing a slice of ham.
The cat is going to get very wet.
I will dry it with a towel.
I will stroke it till it purrs.
The rooster is quiet at last.
The rooster has turned to stone.



This poem is included in Matthew Sweeney's collection 'Black Moon' published by Cape in July 2007 ISBN9780224080927 and shortlisted for the T S Eliot prize. The poem was conceived at Matthew Sweeney's course 'Poetry in Fiesta' September 2006. Matthew Sweeney took third place in the National Poetry Competition in 2010. His latest collection is 'The Night Post' (Salt ISBN 97818844714841)


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