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Hilary Elfick


When I do not think of you
I stroll along a track
to find a fresco long-abandoned by a fireplace,
five arched windows of an empty house
that is not safe to enter

When I do not think of you
I sit waiting for the castle lamps,
the whim of a light-master
content to pay no notice
to a rising moon that you can see

When I do not think of you
I watch a gecko padding belly up
and draw a sliced tomato to my plate
and lift a fine-etched glass that trembles
with the colour of your infant skin

When I do not think of you
I wander through groves of persimmon
and olive, put up my hand
to grasp a growing peach and feel
your bare gums closing on my thumb



Hilary Elfick has published numerous collections of poetry, some memoir and other prose pieces related to her extensive work in the Hospice movement. Her recent Tour de Force 'An Ordinary Storm' (Oversteps Bools ISBN 13 9781906856120), a startling narrative interpretation of Shakepeare's 'Tempest', has been highly praised in both England and in New Zealand and Australia, where it is shortly to be performed. The above poem was written on her first visit to the Almassera - it was published in 'Quadrant' an Australian Literary magazine edited by Les Murray.


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