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The Book that Climbed the Mountain

Terry Gifford


Page by light-footed page,
Stanza by soft-stepping stanza,
Word by balanced word,
With only a stick, a camera,
a notebook and pen for company
the book climbed the mountain
in the company of a poet
silenced, for once, by the clarity
of the light, the friendliness
of the path and the sudden music
of the early orchid just before
the sigh of the col and the shaded
descent towards the reader, waiting
in the street outside Maria’s
paella place to be handed
a book from another world:
Will Stone’s Glaciation.



Terry Gifford, poet, mountaineer and much published eco-critic. He has recently edited the 'Cambridge Companion to Ted Hughes', His most recent poetry collection is 'The Unreliable Mushrooms - New and Selected Poetry' in 2004 (Redbeck Press). He is a frequent visitor to the Almassera and has tutored courses here, one including a memorable workshop on the peak of 'El Divino'. He co –authored 'Al Otro Lado del Aguilar' with Christopher North. The bilingual collection opens with this poem.


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