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Return to Relleu (For Sophie)

Jane  Draycott


It has taken us two hours to walk back
from Maria´s bar, the best paella in the region
weighing inside me like a baby.

Among these olive groves, these tiers
of hills, we might have been climbing up
through Palestine or Ancient Greece.

We come down now in darkness, Orion
and the Pleiades. The church has turned to gold,
the oranges are constellations in their trees.

For a moment I believe I can see beech woods,
bluebells, and you there in the window seat
waiting, looking outward to a distant sea.

In your lap, The World´s Great Myths.
Reading and waiting, although not for me,
for someone in another time than this.



Jane Draycott has been nominated three times for the Forward Prize for Poetry. Her collections 'Prince Rupert's Drop' and 'The Night Tree' (Carcanet/Oxford) are both Poetry Society Recommendations. Previous collections include, from Two Rivers Press, 'Christina the Astonishing' (with Peter Hay and Lesley Saunders) and 'Tideway', a long sequence of poems about London's working river (with paintings by Peter Hay) written while she was poet-in-residence at the River & Rowing Museum. Her latest publication 'Pearl' (Carcanet ISBN 978 1 906188 01 6) is also a PBS recommendation. Jane comes to tutor a course at the Almassera on April 14th 2012


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