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My Village

John Hartley Williams



It is the day of the Green Man Talking in Lerelu
Everyone you pass shouts: ‘Help me!’
But tomorrow will be different

It is the day of the Trumpet Practiser in Lerelu
Walk out along Edge of the Miracle Street
The variants on tomorrow will surprise

Sarah Reguierdo I love you because of your name
Come to my village and be my Abogado
And we’ll see about tomorrow

It is the day of Destiny Horn Tooting in Lerelu
Flatten yourself against walls
Let tomorrow slide past very carefully

When we have Parking Your Tractor Day
And all except for the municipal services hold their noses
Tomorrow will wonder where it has got to

Sarah Reguierdo be my Abogada forever.
No need to cry ‘Help me!’ I have a tractor with a destiny horn
I will drive you to tomorrow and beyond



John Hartley Williams tutored for the first time at the Almassera in September 2008 and he returns to tutor a course November 2012. His tenth collection 'The Ship' is available from Salt Publishing (ISBN 978 1 84471 339 4)


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