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Sudden Jazz After Reading Interesting Paperback

Christopher North


Sky deepening velvet
and the mysterious seven appear
to throw their wild claim across these shadowy mountains
involved, as they are, in Transylvanian gestures.

Through mid-ground flares of side-lit barley
and dim cactus candelabras, the concepts flicker.
Each contains a shuffle of convolutions far from
the hushed libraries – the domey bibliophiles.

Wishing and washing the air,
they are a tide glittering out there
away from this moony hammock
and its Baskerville thoughts.

No-one’s in charge -
(save the threaded power cables)
- a sax pecks and bites, then snuffles before serious research
that ends in a scramble or one could say mélange,

a free-line romp along the ridge line -
then babble from the rabble
before the whole jingling entity
gropes its way towards druggy madrugada.

Odd chirrup. Deep vibrato -
the dancing seven recede and recede
so its back to the back-cover blurb,
and re-savouring the tangy resonance of the closing chapter.



This poem won the Silver Wyvern prize at the Poetry on the Lake Festival at Lake Orta in 2007 - It has subsequently been translated into Italian, Spanish and Valenciano. It is included in the bilingual collection 'Al Otro Lado del Aguilar' (Oversteps Books) ISBN 978 1 906856 18 2 which was co-authored with the poet Terry Gifford


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