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June Rain (For Christopher and Marisa)

Fokkina McDonnell


It's June and the rain is falling.
It is cooler and darker now.
It's the rain we prayed for last night,
though we'd not meant to do such a thing.

The old women, eight or nine, spread
across benches outside the church.
Us along the tables, a line of snails,
sloping down towards the blue house.

It was speaking of Sundays now filled
with shopping and the silence
that binds Quakers together.

And it's in silence we, snails,
all of us with our whorled shells
of stories, sit at the breakfast table.

The cheep-cheep-cheep of birds
after the rain is flowing into the room
and a fresh breeze that tells of new stories



Fokkina McDonnell is a frequent visitor to the Almassera Vella. Her first collection 'Another Life' (Oversteps Books) was published in 2016. Her website and blog: www.acaciapublications.co.uk


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