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John Foggin


dry valley, dark orange trees
and their little pricking hot suns
stepped terraces, blonde brittle grass
and brittle thorn, and all the hills beyond
one with a golden sandstone cliff,
a thousand year old spoil of broken pots,
the prow of the one they call
The Sleeping Nun, its hacked blade
of ridge, and up and further
a great flat blue that's stitched
with swallows trawling millions
of flies too small to see.

And you might imagine what it's like
to stand up there on sun cracked stone.
To someone it's as familiar as your kitchen.

How you want to go there. How much.
There's no mystery.

None of its untravelled; look down
and there'll be a rusting Fanta can,
crushed shotgun cartridges, a key ring.
The rib of a fox. A bright steel snare.

Look up and there's a vapour trail
in the travelled sky; somewhere a tractor
mutters or a diesel misfires. Everywhere's a mystery
until it's not.



John is a much published and prize-winning poet and teacher from Ossett in West Yorkshire. He attended Jane Draycott's poetry week at the Almassera in October 2013 and has been a frequent visitor since. His latest collection 'Much Possessed' from Smith Doorstop contains several poems inspired by the Landscape at Almassera Vella


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