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These modern poems are reproduced here with the permission of the poets. Please respect their copyright.

Some of the poets have their own web pages which may be accessed via the biography links (visible from the individual poem pages). If you wish to contact one of the poets please do so directly if possible. If no e-mail address or website details are given, we will be glad to try and pass on any messages for you.

If you would like to submit your work for possible inclusion, please read the notes on the guidelines page.

  David L. Aston
  David Bayless
  Moshe Benarroch
  Martijn Benders
  Norman Bissett
  Gwyneth Box
  Sue Burke
  Alan J. Carter
  Michael Fantina
  Sam Gilliland
  Jack Harvey
  David Hill
  Bill Jarvis
  Prasenjit Maiti
  Leonard McCarthy
  Tom McColl
  Stephen Mead
  Liz Moore
  Tina Negus
  Christopher North
  Rod Riesco
  Peter J. Ross
  David Rushing
  Gerald Tetzlaff Jr.
  Deborah Tyler-Bennett
  Herbert Williams
  Juliet Wilson

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An anthology is like all the plums and orange peel picked out of a cake.
Sir Walter A. Raleigh

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