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Here you can see a selection of comments we've received here at Patchword.

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to write to us: it's always interesting to know what visitors think of the site. Why not send us your comments?

January 2003  
Thank you one more time for all the wonderful pointers, site references and sound advice. [] You do a tremendous job for the spirit. Continued success throughout the year! S.M.
[] your excellent "patchword" website [] PB
December 2002  
Just to say thank you again. Just saw poems on Patchword and they look terrific! Take Care, D.R.
I liked your artwork and the style of your magazine. [...] Best wishes, P.C.
I just wanted to say thank you for responding to my query, and for sending such a wonderfully helpful link. [...] Have a good holiday season. S.M.
Thank you again for your comments. [...] As always, your input is valued. Cheers, J.T.
A very interesting and much-needed site. A.P.
November 2002  
I went to your site last week and read some new poems and poets. I like your new one! J.K.E.
Thank you for you comments. It occurs to me that if you respond in such depth to even half of the poets that submit work to PATCHWORD that most of your time would be taken up in such emails! M.F.
Looks interesting. I will be back. G.W.
I cannot thank you enough for the time you spent on my submissions! [] Thanks for making inclusion in the anthology something to aspire to. G.T.
Thank you very much for your e-mail and your good suggestions. I appreciate it and thank you for taking the time. D.R
October 2002  
well hi word patchers - :>) I love your flash poetry [...] KS
I have enjoyed reading the articles and the works of those in your anthology. GT
Found your site by chance! I have enjoyed what I have seen so far. Will have to fully indulge myself with the site when I haven't deadlines looming! SR
September 2002  
I just wanted to thank you for your input. Authors often hear the words "not applicable", but don't know why. I'll keep working on the poem, and the rhythm! KR
I have just visited patchword again and my ad looks great! [...] Thanks for the ad. Juliet Wilson
I checked out your website and have to say it's looking very good. I especially like the pictures with the little quotes and writing advice, and
the bios are fun too. RW
Thanks for your note and your kind words about my chiasmus site. I'd be honored if you would include my site on your links page. Mardy
July 2002  
Just discovered your site - looking forward to a good and varied read. MT.
[...] I would like to thank you for taking the time to read and comment on my poetry. This kind of feedback from editors and publishers is always so encouraging. DL
I have just logged on to Patchword and found the site very informative with very helpful hints in the poetry section. EB
June 2002  
Nice website! MM
I like the look of this site. MM
Liked my trip round the site, hope to be able to submit something. JS.
May 2002  
Hi! I came across your site following a link from and like you on-line magazine. JJ
I enjoyed you translations of Margarit [...] he obviously has a real feel for cities and the environment in general and the way people interact with it. RR
Well set out site, it seems very good. PJL
I liked the site and (even I!) found it easy to negotiate. PM
Love the site, but please could it be in larger and bolder print for partially sighted folk like me. DC
Nice site production value, but the point size of the poetry text is quite small. TB
April 2002  
I've had a look at your website - I like it! M.W.
I'd be delighted to have "Taliesin" included in you anthology/website. Rhidian Brook
I don't find the present design of Patchword as easy to navigate as the previous one. J.C.
Thank you very much for your time [critiquing a poem]. I REALLY mean that [...] I do appreciate it. RB
Please accept my gratiture for your critique of my poem [...] I shall take your comments very seriously. MB
March 2002  
I like the March issue and Patchword keeps getting polished more and more. Very neat. C.H.
Thanks for running such an interesting and useful web-site. P.D.
I took a look at your web site, and I'm sure it would be of interest to [our writers' group] members. S.B.
February 2002  
Thank you for critiqueing [my poem] to such a degree. I always get the general, oh that's nice, you can really do something with this. I love getting feedback, because I'm trying to work into different areas with my poetry. S McK
Hi, like the site. A.D.
Interesting site but difficult to get round and quite slow too.[...] Still, I shall visit regularly. V.B.
I am interested in following everything on your site, esp. if there are tips on good writing. Hope Patchword will satisfy my needs. N.R.
[...] site looks good. D.T.B
January 2002  
Congratulation! I like the new format. Rich and well organized.
It is indeed a bright idea to post small photographs with such depth as only nature and water bring about. CH
I really like the new layout. More organized and professional looking. SM
A note to say how much I like the re-vamped web-site. I had no problems navigating and enjoyed the material. C.N.
I JUST SAW THE NEW FORMAT, HAD TO TELL YOU fantastick, fantastickk fantastickkk!!!! Whoopee. [...] Congratulations on the new format. Must have been an incredible amount of work, L.C.
December 2001  
After looking at your website again, and then looking at my poems, I find that all of mine lean more towards emotion and feelings. More often then not, the poems on your site leaned towards external imagery. That's just my veiw. Anyways, thanks for the opportunity, even though I wasn't able to be accepted. SMcK
You are very kind to be so interactive. I have found some folks on here ( who want poems) but they arent very nice....... Thanks again. PG
Patchword has a good sense of humor. LC
November 2001  
I am very impressed with your website. I particularly enjoyed the article about freelance working. Too true. Best regards. L.J.
October 2001  
I've been looking at your humor section --"My God," said the Princess-- and (even more) at your anthology. I'm delighted and impressed. It could be the best thing of its kind on the web. L.C.
September 2001  
Thank you for the wonderful article (Critiquing Poetry). Janelle Gregor, Poetry Editor, The Pen is Mightier...
Just though that you might like to know that I have just had my first enquiry/submission from Spain as a direct result of Patchword! Alan Carter, Quantum Leap.
Details of Quantum Leap magazine can be found on the small ads page.
August 2001  
I am glad to announce that your website is selected to be the winner of the added value award. [...] Have a nice day and I hope you continue to keep up the good work which you provide for the internet community. Lai-man Tang
July 2001  
It [Good Betta Best]'s marvelous. It's beyond marvelous. So fun. J.A.C.
I went to Patchword and read the animated poems, [...] the new one is wonderful! B.
I have had a brief look at your excellent web-site. I will have a longer bathe when time permits. C.N.
June 2001  
It [Good Betta Best]'s marvelous. It's beyond marvelous. So fun. J.A.C.
I went to Patchword and read the animated poems, [...] the new one is wonderful! B.
I have had a brief look at your excellent web-site. I will have a longer bathe when time permits. C.N.
June 2001  
The site looks great. Congratulations! RBS
I've just found your site and I'm rapt! [...] I think you have a marvellous site, it's latest on my Favourites list and I'm off to visit it again. DB
May 2001  
Patchword is such a neat, easy to navigate site. J.C.
Congratulations, Gwyneth, Patchword is the recipient of JoyZine's Wonderful Website Award for excellent information in a professional layout. Joy Williams
April 2001  
I enjoyed visiting Patchword. It's nice to find a site that looks good, is easy to navigate and is obviously updated regularly. JW
March 2001  
I very much enjoy Patchword, and I'll be back again. Particularly like the photos [...] I haven't explored it all. but I will! VOD
...excellent content, easy to navigate and good loading time. RW
I enjoyed my visit to your site. A very helpful place indeed. PRS
I really enjoyed my visit to your site and will return again when time permits :) BD
...excellent content, function, and coding. I found your site to be very well organized and presented. It was full of information, but was very easy to navigate. Great job! BMM
Your presentation is well done, your articles are interesting and helpful... HW
A very nice site: great design and layout, good use of graphics, great content, and ease of navigation. Keep up the good work! BRT
...well designed and cleverly presented... HDR
February 2001  
I've had a look round your site and think you're doing a great job. Keep it up. JB
I have managed to view your site - very nice indeed. ID
I just added a link to your site (which is very attractive, by the way), on our Internet Resources page... GS, Purdue University
January 2001  
I like Patchword very much. A brilliant idea. Congratulations! It's so well put together - you are obviously computer wizards - and the content is lively. I'm going to have a go at your games soon! HW
Thanks for writing to let me know about the ad. Took a look at it earlier and it looks great. Love the design -- easy on the eye and stylish. [...] Have found [Patchword] fast and consistent. GM
I've visited [Patchword] several times, and I'm distinctly impressed. Not only is there good writing, in prose as well as verse, but the coffee-break pages are not unamusing. [...] I'm as impressed by the design as by the content. PJR
December 2000  
I logged on to today and saw the ad. It's excellent! Looks really good. Thanks for including all of the reviews and the poem too. You've been a great help. Tom McColl
See the small ads page for information about Tom's book The Beast in the Bag.
November 2000  
I've had a look at your site. It may be of interest to Acorn readers. Would you like me to advertise you? Beth Rudkin, Acorn Magazine
I am pleased to inform you that your site "Patchword" has won the Giant Tomato Award from! [...] Winning sites boast useful, interesting and entertaining content; fast page loading and no broken links. [...] Your site is a winner in the Literature category [...] John Rowland
[...] patchword is already looking pretty impressive [...] GW
Your site is very professional and much better than some of the other ones I've come across. [...] I've only just recently had the internet installed, and after looking up various poetry sites, it turns out that there's not really that many. [...] there's certainly a need and room for a new site such as yours. TMcC
October 2000  
Finally got round to having a look at your site... and I thought it was terrific. Easy to navigate, clearly presented and loads of interesting stuff to read. Great - hope you go from strength to strength. Lesley Gleeson, Midland Exposure
I definitely have to bookmark the patchword address [...] we were looking at it last night and were well impressed. SMB
I have just found Patchword due to the notice in Zoe's BuzzWords. Easy to navigate for an amateur like me - I don't spend much time roaming. JC
[...] that game you have on your sight (sic), (the puzzle), is awesome! JB
September 2000  
I just took a look at your website, which is really impressive. Best of luck with it. Would you like me to feature it in BuzzWords? Best - Zoe
See the small ads page for information about BuzzWords
I've had a look at Patchword. My word, you've changed if those photographs are anything to go by! [...] I like the autogenerated story. Archer should look to his laurels. JD
I've had a quick look at the web site. It looks interesting and I like the design. JMP
I've had a look at your Patchword site and think it's a good idea. OK, it's early days yet but I'm sure if the word gets out you will be very busy sorting out what to leave out! We have a Speakeasy meeting on Friday and I shall tell everyone about Patchword. Maybe I/we/they can send you some of my/our/their poetry or short stories etc for your consideration.
Kind regards, Martin Brocklebank
See details of the Speakeasy competition on the diary page.
I have checked out your web site and this appears to be very diverse and potentially very promising. I wish you the very best with this project. IS
I am impressed by the idea of your site [...] It would be an excellent place to keep abreast of competitions [...] keep up the good work. MB

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