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Among the many websites we have visited, we think the following are worth mentioning. Many of them have links pages themselves with further useful information. If you come across a site which you feel should appear on these pages, please let us know.


Includes searchable lists of literary events, writers, publishers and activities.
Alsop Review
includes some excellent pages on various aspects of poetry writing.
Bob's Byway
Poetry definitions, and examples.
A showcase page of poetry which also includes a useful links page, discussion forums for critique, and even a haiku generator.
A perfect joy of a site for lovers of classical poetry. Includes mediaeval, renaissance and 17th century sections.
Magnetic Poetry
As well as a place to buy any of the magnetic poetry products - including special paint to turn your walls into an enormous magnetised notice board - this site includes an anthology of poems created with the various versions, and an opportunity to try your hand at writing poetry on-line using drag and drop word tiles.
Poetry Society, UK

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