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Among the many websites we have visited, we think the following are worth mentioning. Many of them have links pages themselves with further useful information. If you come across a site which you feel should appear on these pages, please let us know.


Acronym Finder
Tells you what all those TLAs mean - asap!
Babel Fish
Remember the Babel Fish from the Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy? Well here's a website that 'decodes the brainwave patterns'. OK, so that probably isn't how they do it, but it's amazing anyway. Probably no computer translation will ever be perfect, but this will at least help to give you an idea of what a foreign text means.
Bartleby's reference
An enormous selection of searchable reference works available from one site.
Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation
Brush up on your grammar and punctuation skills.
Grammar Book
More useful grammar information.
Merriam-Webster On-Line
All writers should have a dictionary and thesaurus to hand. Here you have both on one site, and they won't clutter up your physical desktop. Includes some neat word games, too!
Rhyming Dictionary
Trying to write a poem, but you're stuck for a rhyme? You'll find the words and phrases you need here, sorted by syllables or number of letters.
Snopes Urban Legends Reference Pages
How often do you get e-mail chain letters and wonder whether there's any truth behind them? Here you can check up on the veracity before sending them on to all the people in your address book.
The Electric Eclectic
Lots of usefully documented links about 'all kinds of everything'.

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