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Among the many websites we have visited, we think the following are worth mentioning. Many of them have links pages themselves with further useful information. If you come across a site which you feel should appear on these pages, please let us know.


Absolute Write
For information about freelance writing, screenwriting, playwriting, novels and non-fiction.
Information and resources for writers. (Also a paying market.)
Jacqui Bennet Writers' Bureau
Includes lists of (UK) small press publications, agents, and much more.
Moira Allen's Writing World
Information and resources for writers. (Also a paying market.)
Project Gutenburg
Project Gutenburg makes available books and other materials to the general public in a form accessible by the vast majority of computers. It's a vast project. Check out the website and see how you can become involved.
Purdue University's On-Line Writing Lab.
Lots of resources for writers.
Robin's Nest
Another resource site.
The Drexel Online Journal
Online general interest publication for a broad audience with wide-ranging interests and tastes. DOJ publish fiction and essays of varying length and type, also some poetry and digital art and photography, film, book and other reviews.Main issue publsihed every two months. Frequent updates between main issues.
The National Association of Writers' Groups
Association with over 120 affiliated writing groups and 50 individual members across the UK.
Writers' Digest
Information for writers.

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