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The term non-fiction covers a very wide range of writing, and here you will find serious essays, anecdotes and humorous articles about all sorts of subjects.

Why not send us your thoughts on life, the universe or anything that takes your fancy?

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All I want for Christmas is a piece of 2 by 4 and a Black & Decker drill… please, mum?
  Elspeth Graty
  Luke's mother has had to learn to cope with his fascination with gadgetry.
Cleanliness is next to Frenchness
  Elspeth Graty
  Elspeth explores the "domestic engineering showroom" nature of the average French home.
  Vivienne Barker
  A brief consideration of cultural underpinnings!
Nationwide Manhunt for Rogue Ensaladilla Rusa
  James Trevor
  'Ensaladilla Rusa' - a dish made from mixed vegetables in mayonnaise - is a typical snack in Spain. In summer, temperatures soar, and tempers fray. Even the ensaladilla can't keep its cool.
  Sue Burke
  Are your houseplants the peaceful creatures you think they are? Sue Burke takes a look at the true nature of plants.
The Great Cross of Saint Brynach at Nevern.
  Tina Negus
This article was first published in Celtic Connections, Summer 2001
  Tina Negus describes and interprets the intricate patterns on one of the many UK Celtic crosses.
I Told You So
  Liz Moore
  Liz finds life isn't bed of roses when her old lawn mower breaks down.
The Rastro, Madrid
  Gwyneth Box
  Any Sunday morning in Madrid you can visit the Rastro flea market. But if you can't visit, you can at least read about it.
Getting Band-ed
  Chia Sihan
  Some less than serious advice for wannabe band managers, agents and members.
Laughed? I could have died.
  Liz Moore
  A trip to the cobbler takes Liz back down memory lane.

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