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Currently Patchword is unable to accept commissions.

In the past we have offered the following services:

Editorial and self-publishing Graphic design & related services
Other writing services Advertising

editorial and self-publishing

Proof-reading and correction of style in English and Spanish.
Management of ISBN number.

Design and creation of manuscripts
Tantamount Publishing provides a full personalised design service. We use no standard templates or clipart illustrations. We will consider your manuscript and advise about the best format, type of binding, illustrations etc. We work with various independent artsts to produce an original professional publication appropriate to the manuscript in question.

Production and printing
We will deal with the printers on your behalf and deliver the finished book.
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Diary entries
If you run a competition or literary event, we will be pleased to include details on our diary page. Note that if you register as a member with Patchword, you can add the diary entry details yourself from the Members' Area. Both membership and the inclusion of diary entries is completely free.

Small ads
Advertise your publications, workshops, festivals, services etc on Patchword. And it’s free! Just send the details and we'll add them to the appropriate section.

Although we have no pop-up banners and have no intention of allowing advertising to take over the Patchword site, we do have space to include a few relevant banners for other websites or companies. Please contact us to discuss your needs.
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other writing services

Poetry critique and commentary
Would you like to have objective commentary on your poetry? This is a personal critique by the Patchword editor, not a simple check list critique. Either single poems or complete manuscripts.

Customised writing
Do you need a poem or article etc. written for a special occasion or on a specific subject?
We may be able to help out. (English and Spanish only at present.)

Basic self-publishing
We can prepare a PDF version of your text from which you yourself can then make high quality print outs - the simplest form of self-publishing.
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graphic design and related services

Web and dynamic applications design
Would you like to have your own site on the net? We can design your website or dynamic application for you according to the content that you provide. We will advise about creating your own domain or you could become one of the writers to lodge their home page with us at Patchword.

Editorial design
We can design your magazine, newsletter or other publication and leave you free to concentrate on the content and editorial side.

Workflow centralization and consultancy for the publishing industry
We work with some of the larger publishing houses in Spain and can analyse your production processes and develop solutions specific to your environment and methodology.

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