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The poems may be viewed on-line, in which case they will open in a window.

  Coal and fire
  Good, Betta, Best

Alternatively, you can download an executable version which you can then view off-line, send by mail, etc. Choose the version which is right for your system (Mac or PC) and click to download. Just double-click and they will open in full-screen.

   Titanic.exe (Windows, 415 kb)
   Coal and fire.exe (Windows, 415 kb)
   Titanic.sit (Mac, 252 kb)
   Coal and fire.sit (Mac, 265 kb)
Although you may copy and distribute these poems freely, please remember that the copyright remains with the author.

Would like us to animate a poem for you?
Contact us for more details. Animated poems and screensavers with your poems make great presents!

Remember that once you have your copy of the poem you can copy it as often as you wish and distribute it freely.

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