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The following articles are all about aspects of writing. Some are practical, some are theoretical, some will make you think, some, we hope, will make you laugh.

If you have something to say on the subject of writing - practical advice, opinion, an account of your experience - why not share it with the other patchword visitors?

new this month
Popcorn Novels
  Kate Frost
  Kate takes a look at how great novels have inspired film makers and finds that it's the storytelling that counts whatever the medium.

  Pamela Cleaver
The following article appeared in THE HISTORICAL NOVELS REVIEW, May 2004, published by The Historical Novel Society, and permission has been given by Pamela Cleaver and the Society for this reprint.
  Eileen Ramsay talks to Pamela Cleaver about writing, music and walking the dogs

What's Wrong With My Story?
  Jean Currie
This article first appeared in Writers' Forum
  You show your story to everyone at the writers' group and they all have different ideas about how it should be improved. So, who's right? And what should you do?

Writing Hints
  A selection of hints and tips from the members of the Madrid Writers' Critique Group.

Reacting to Critique
  Gwyneth Box
  What is most often asked for, but least often accepted when offered? Advice, of course. When we ask for comments or critique of our writing, we are asking others for advice. How should we react to what is offered?

  Jean Currie
(Previously published in Acorn Magazine)
  Rejection from publishers and editors can be depressing, but Jean Currie reminds us that "as a writer you have a skill that can make a difference to the lives of [others]" and reminds us that publication is not everything.

Aristotle Rules. (The Perfect Tragedy)
  Sue Burke
  Sue takes a look at the rules for writing tragedy set out by Aristotle and finds that they are still relevant today.

Where do you write?
  Jean Currie
Previously published in Link, the journal of the National Association of Writers Groups (UK)
  A light.hearted look at some of the places writers pursue their craft.

The Right to Write
  Isabel Saunders
  When we write about our own experiences, to what extent should we consider the impact our writing may have on other people?

An Editor's Preferences
  Gwyneth Box
  The Patchword editor describes what she looks for in a poem - and some of the things she hopes not to find!

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